Current Winter Skin Care Routine

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Hello Everyone,

I will be sharing with you my current skin care routine. Though in Mumbai you do not experience harsh cold but this time the temperature has really gone down to around 10-11 degrees.  My skin type is normal with some dryness around my chin, nose and cheeks. So in winters, it is essential for me to exfoliate and moisturize well to avoid dry patches and flaky skin. Currently my skin is on the dryer side and blending a foundation to get that perfect base has become a task. I am sure all of you with similar skin type can relate to my situation. People with oily and combination skin type has options as brands have launched matte finish foundations recently but for dry skin people options are less. 

Coming to my skin care regime, I will tell you about products I am loving lately and is working well for my skin.

Current Winter Skin Care Routine Products

Makeup Remover: I do not prefer oil-free makeup removers as they are irritating and drying for my skin. I have been using baby oil for removing my makeup as it completely wipes off the makeup especially mascara without much effort. Also I carry Johnson & Johnson Baby Wipes in my bag as I generally do not prefer scented facial wipes.

Face Cleanser: I love cleansers which do not produce foam. I am currently using Olay Total Effects 7-in-One Foaming Cleanser which is very creamy and doesn’t dry out my skin.

Toner: I love spring water sprays instead of drugstore toners. I have used Avene thermal Spring Water for a long time and currently I am using my third bottle of Vichy Thermal Spa Water.  

Serum: One year back, serums were not a part of my skin care as I always thought that they are too light for my skin. When I started reading about then I came to know that they penetrate deep within the skin more than any other moisturizer so I added them in my routine. Currently I am using The Body Shop Vitamin E Moisture Serum which has helped a lot to even out my skin tone.

Moisturizer: I am loving Olay Total Effects 7-in-One Day Cream and it has become my favorite forever. This is one product which I can use it in any season as it is very balanced in terms of providing moisture as well as keeping my skin oil free even during humid weather.

Night Cream: Because Olay products really worked well for me, I was very keen to try its 7-in-One Night Cream but it was unavailable at that time and Olay Natural White 7-in-One Night Nourishing Repair Cream caught my attention because of its description "repairs skin overnight".  I am currently using it as a night cream and will share my experience in the posts ahead.

Shower Gel: I am currently using two of them alternatively; The Body Shop Fuji Green Tea Shower Gel which is very mild and Nivea Crème Coconut which is smooth on skin and smells heavenly.

Body Lotion: Since my skin is dry, Nivea Nourishing Lotion Body Milk for Very Dry Skin has done a really good job for me this winter

All these products have been my favorites this season and people who can relate to my skin type should surely give them a try. I will soon review these products and let you know my experience in detail. You all can share your current skin care favorites which are worth trying.

Have a good week ahead!

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  1. I love using toner and shower gels. Great post.

  2. Nice.. My skin also tends to get dry but is really sensitive so I cannot use anything.
    Is there anything that I can use ?

    1. Olay Total Effects 7-in-One Day cream is a mild cream which you might like

  3. Love to see what people use this time of year. The winter HATES my skin. Thanks for sharing! Adore you <3

  4. I appreciate your choice. Even I have an extremely dry skin, I will definitely try using Olay products :)

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  7. I love the Vichy Thermale Water. Calms my skin well.


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